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Updates on the latest cyber security threats to businesses, data breach disclosures, and how you can secure your firm in an increasingly risky time.

Apr 9, 2021

This podcast includes a discussion with Terry Cutler of Cyology Labs on the giveaway to crooks of information on over 500 million Facebook users, the latest LinkedIn scam and a report on security problems when organizations take to the cloud

Apr 9, 2021

This morning's podcast reports on ransomware being used to exploit a hole in Fortinet VPNs, the theft of credentials to streaming services from browsers and data on students stored improperly in the cloud

Apr 7, 2021

Today's podcast reports on the sale of over 800,000 gift cards on a criminal web site, a scam involving a fake WeTransfer web site and another phony LinkedIn scam to beware of 

Apr 5, 2021

Today's podcast reports on the free availability of hundreds of millions of stolen Twitter users’ phone numbers and email addresses, and the observation of National Supply Chain Integrity month 

Apr 2, 2021

This podcast includes a discussion on recent ransomware trends with Dinah Davis of Arctic Wolf