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Updates on the latest cyber security threats to businesses, data breach disclosures, and how you can secure your firm in an increasingly risky time.

Jun 29, 2020

Today's podcast reports on hacked home surveillance cameras, jail sentence for a creator of botnets and the FBI's most vulnerable software list 

Jun 26, 2020

Today's podcast looks at new malware that steals Monero cryptocurrency, details a huge distributed denial of service attack and reports on better privacy controls coming from Apple and Google

Jun 26, 2020

Today is Canada's 153rd birthday. Time to reflect on the communications revolution during that span and keeping safe online

Jun 24, 2020

Today's podcast looks at a large hack of American police reports, the Instagram takeover of a popular Australian surfer's account, a phone scam aimed at Canadians a reminder to companies of the need to patch

Jun 22, 2020

Today's podcast looks into three recent email scams, each of which exploits the trust of victims that messages come from real sources