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Updates on the latest cyber security threats to businesses, data breach disclosures, and how you can secure your firm in an increasingly risky time.

Nov 29, 2021

Today's episode reports on an email attack at Ikea, an evasive JavaScript loader discovered and malware found hiding in a calendar's impossible date

Nov 26, 2021

This episode features a discussion on the GoDaddy hack, a test of how fast hackers can find misconfigured servers on the internet and advice for safe holiday online shopping

Nov 26, 2021

This episode reports on what e-tailers should be doing to make their sites safer, recent legal successes against cybercrooks and an  Android update to watch for 

Nov 24, 2021

Today's episode reports on the discovery of new Windows zero-day bug, new cybersecurity resources for Canadian teachers and a holiday warning from the FBI

Nov 21, 2021

Today's episode reports on someone clumsily leaving a database of users of a sex video site open, free incident and vulnerability response advice for IT defenders and a report gives detailed look into the Conti ransomware gang