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Updates on the latest cyber security threats to businesses, data breach disclosures, and how you can secure your firm in an increasingly risky time.

Aug 30, 2021

Today's podcast reports on how a new ransomware strain tries to evade detection, a ransomware gang closes, a warning for Azure Cosmos administrators and more 

Aug 27, 2021

This episode features a discussion on configuration issues with Microsoft Power Apps, the latest business email compromise and possible ways to stop ransomware

Aug 27, 2021

This morning's podcast looks at the latest COVID-19 phishing scam and a report on the importance of patching SSL VPNs

Aug 25, 2021

This podcast reports on 38 million records with personal information left exposed by misconfigured Microsoft Power Apps, vulnerabilities  found in a medical pump, and a warning on device installation apps

Aug 23, 2021

This episode reports on Exchange Servers under attack, ransomware-fighting advice and vulnerabilities in industrial control systems continue to climb